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The Ragdoll is a registered breed that is a relativity new to the world of purebred cats. They originated in California in the USA in the 60’s from a cat named Josephine who was owned by Ann Baker. Ann subsequently bred Josephine with Birman, Burmese and Persian type males to develop the characteristics of this wonderful breed that we have today known as the Ragdoll.

RileyTheir name primarily comes from the fact that they tend to flop in your arms when held. Ragdolls have a fabulous laid back nature which makes them compatible with other cats and dogs alike. Because of this laid-backness it means they are not the most street wise cat and are likely not to defend themselves so it is essential that they be kept as indoor pets

Ragdolls love their humans and attach strongly to their owners. They are very people orientated and Ragdoll owners rarely find themselves alone. They are super friendly and make a fantastic welcoming committee at your front door and will be put out if you do not greet them when you arrive home. They tend to think of everyone as their friend and visitors as just another hand to pat them!

They are often referred to as a the dog of the cat world. Ragdolls are less stubborn than most cats and they can be easily trained. They usually learn the same tricks as dogs, like retrieving toys, rolling and begging and most actually like their tummy rubbed. They are also easy to teach how to walk on a leash. They want to be involved in everything you are and you will often find a ‘helper’ just when you need it the most!



If you want an indoor cat that is in your bed with you and under your feet ready to ‘help’ with whatever you are doing – then a Ragdoll will not disappoint. If you want an outdoor cat to be a mouser and one that only turns up at dinner or comes for the occasional pat, then this is not the breed for you.

It is always worth remembering that Ragdolls (and any cats for that matter) are not a made to order item but are above all cats.

The information listed in these pages are common qualities in Ragdolls but they don’t apply to all of them. Each has its own individual personality which should be respected, nurtured and above all LOVED.. Only by purchasing a kitten from a reputable breeder do you have the best chance of getting the qualities that are “Ragdoll”.

For someone who ‘did not like cats’ this highly affectionate breed have stolen my heart!

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