Pointed Ragdolls are born all white.  It can takes up to two weeks before their colours can be predicted with any accuracy and often a chocolate or lilac can take 3 to 4 weeks.  They have fairly good colour by age 8 to 10 weeks but are slow maturing and can take up to 3 (or maybe longer) years to reach full colour and weight maturity.

Coloured Ragdolls are born with their colour.

Mink Ragdolls are born with their colour but it still takes many weeks before their colour can be defined accuratly. 


The traditional colours are

Seal – which is a dark brown and

Blue – which is like a slate grey

Chocolate – a lighter shade of the brown seal and

Lilac – a lighter shade of the slate grey

Red – a soft marmalade orange colour

Cream – a pale near white colour to a light pinkish cream

Overlays are the lynx patterns and tortishell

Rosie - Lilac point

Rosie - Lilac point