Coloured ragdolls

In the summer of 1965 Daddy Warbucks (pointed cat with white mitts) & Buckwheat (Pure Black cat) had a litter and produced four kittens, two were colour pointed & two were black coloured kittens.  One of the coloured kittens had white mitts & resembled its father whilst the other kitten looked like its mother.  So the Coloured Ragdolls are not new to our breed – they were there at the beginning but many dispute wether they have been there all the way through.

The Ragdoll breed has seen many changes in its short life.  New colours and patterns have been added – the red and cream and the tabby.  Some aspects were there at the beginning but were considered lost such as the Lilac and Chocolates colours.  The Coloured Ragdolls were also there at the beginning but because the Daytons only focused on getting the Pointed Ragdolls recognised many felt that the Coloured Ragdolls had gone as well.  Ann did continue to run what she call the “Dark Side” lines as she felt they strengthen the Pointed Ragdolls

There are only a small amount of  breeders around the world that still breed with the Coloured Ragdolls and we are excited to join them.  We are the only breeder in Australia who have TICA registered Ragdolls in their programs.  This enables us to offer Registered Coloured Ragdolls.  Please be careful and find out fully what was used to produce any Coloured Ragdoll you are considering purchasing as you want the ‘real deal’ with all the raggie qualities but a little more colour!

The Coloured Ragdolls are somewhat controversial and many Ragdoll Breeders feel that Ragdolls should only be pointed but seeing we fell in love with the temperament of the Ragdoll first and foremost we would like offer this special breed in both Pointed and Coloured coat patterns.

We wish to breed the Coloured Ragdolls in the same existing Colours as the Pointed Ragdolls.  Those colours are Black (the same as Seal in the Points), Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red and Cream.

We wish to breed the Coloured Ragdolls in the same exisiting Patterns as the Pointed Ragdolls.  Solid (the same as Point – no white), Mitted and Bi Colour.

It is an exciting time here for us at Dolljavu Ragdolls.  We have Bear – imported from Canada –  here to help us breed the Coloured Ragdolls and we now have Miguel – also from Canada –  join us to add the Mink colours to our breeding – we cant wait!!!