Ragdolls are available in 3 patterns

Colour point – these have darker colour points on their ears, face mask, tail and legs with a lighter variation of the same colour on the body which is sometimes called saddling.  The less saddling the better for the show ring.  Colour points should have no white on them.  The colour points also get a spot of colour on their underbellys

Mitted – Mitted Ragdolls have similar markings to the colour point except in addition they have white mitts on their front paws (just over their toes) and white boots on their back legs (extending to about mid thigh).  The also have a white chin – just like the have dipped their chin in milk! The white extends to their chest and runs down their belly and lower abdomen in varying widths.  Mitteds may also have white markings in their nose or forehead and this is referred to as a blaze.

Bicolour  –Bicolour means two colours.  These ragdolls have the darker points on their ears, tail and facemask but they have an inverted white “V” of varying heights and widths over their nose and mouths.  Their backs display the saddle with a lighter variation of the same colour and their chins, chest, belly, front and back legs are mostly or all white.


Tortie – comes from the word tortoiseshell and is their colour mixed with splashes of red or cream

Lynx or Tabby – barring that is distinct and separated by lighter background colour according to the chosen patterns as above.  They also have a paler ‘thumbprint’ in the centre of the ears and a fine line drawn around their mouths.