Maximus was born 2nd March 2006 and purchased from Vera at Ravera Ragdolls as our future stud.

  We decided he needed a good strong name to be a stud.  His name comes from the Gladiator movie.  Russell Crowe’s characters name was Maximus and his love interest was Lucilla.  We bought our first queen from Cheryl at Furrlicious Ragdolls and named her Lucilla (see the Heartsteelers page). So we were set – all we had to do was wait until they were old enough to figure it all out!   

max kitten

Max at seven weeks old. Note the colours are there but not strongly. Also note the mitted paw just starting to come through

max kitten

Max at 10 weeks as his colours darken. This is around the age that your new family member would be able to come home to you!

max stud

As Max grew he became more and more gorgeous - of course we are not biased at all!

 As Max grew my husband built a stud run for him outside but he was just devastated not to be in the house anymore. Obviously I had spoilt him.  There was crying and door climbing and it was decided to desex him.  He now lives the life that he thinks he should have which includes his speciality – being a bed warmer and constant companion.


Max is Seal Mitted with a blaze.

Max shows all the qualities that are “Ragdoll”.  He is a large, docile, laid back teddy bear that just wants to be where you are.  He has the stunning blue eyes and communicates with his many purrs, chirps and trills.  From a young age he has snuggled under my neck for special ‘Max” cuddles.  He still does this with me. Max is all you could want in your ragdoll – and no – he is not for sale!

Rommel was born 24th November 2007 and bred here at Dolljavu Ragdolls.


This little boy stumbled out of his bed at about 3 weeks of age. He promptly climbed onto my husbands lap and into his heart.

Rommel chirstmas

He was a bit like a gift!

He is named after a German General - courtesy of my husband the history buff.

He is named after a German General - courtesy of my husband the history buff.


This gorgeous boy unfortunately succumed to the devestating disease FIP before he reached the age of 3. He is greatly missed by us all and especially by his dad. The bed is just not the same without you...........