Size: Very large, males can weigh up to 9.1kg and females can weigh up to 6kg.

Physical Characteristics: A large, powerful, imposing and distinctively marked cat of striking appearance, with a medium-lengthed silky coat.

Head: Medium to large, wide and flat between ears, with well-developed cheeks tapering to a round broad muzzle and firm chin. The medium-length nose should have a gentle break.

Ears: Medium sized, broad at base with a slight tilt forward, rounded at the tips with slight tufts.

Eyes: The eyes are large, oval and slightly slanted. Eye colour is always blue, the deeper blue the better.

Body: The body is long and muscular with a short, strong, heavy-set leading to a broad, well- expanded chest.

Legs: These are medium length with the hind legs slightly higher than the front. There is longer hair (britches or knickerbockers) on the hind legs.

Paws: Paws are large, round and firm with tufts.
Tail: The tail is long and bushy and slightly tapered towards the tip.

Voice: Ragdoll are not usually very talkative (unless they are hungry!)  but when spoken to they tend to answer you.  Rather than just the traditional meow they have a range of sounds which include chirps, squeaks growls and trills.

Coat: The medium length coat is dense with a silky rabbit like texture.  It is shorter on the face, shoulders and longer on the neck. It parts as the cat moves. They shed considerably less than other long haired cats.